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Jeremy Lin Signs Contract and Celebrates with Flamin' Hot Cheetos!

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It's July 7 which means the Jeremy Lin signing is official. He made the signing of his contract available for the public to see in a rather unorthodox way: via Snapchat (JLinsta7).

And here it is with video...

Flamin Hot Cheetos to celebrate? Not bad! Turn up how you'd like, Jeremy. Just don't get any crumbs on the paper.

The last free agent point guard to sign a contract with the Nets did it on an iPad (for those of you who forgot). Maybe it's better off the Nets don't do that anymore (for those who believe in superstitions and those sort of things).



Still no word on when/where the Jeremy Lin press conference will be. We expect the Nets to do it big, the way they've done every other press conference.