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Chris McCullough -- on getting from the Bronx to Brooklyn

"7C ... Right up there with the AC, that's my room. I got it tattooed on me too."

That's how Fresh Focus Sports starts its short film on Chris McCullough's jump from the Bronx to Brooklyn -- with the 21-year-old Nets forward pointing up at his family's old apartment in the Bronx. It's a four-minute tutorial on just how difficult it was getting from one borough to the other, what a grind it was ... the "wide range of emotions and memories that come with being raised in the toughest city in the world," as the filmmaker notes.

McCullough talks about how his best friend, DeAnthony Clark, went to Brooklyn one night in 2008 "and never came back," either shot or run down by a car, maybe both, as reports noted at the time. He has an inked commemoration of that, too.

McCullough does not mince words about the world he escaped. When Clark died, he says, he decided to "get my family out of the hood ... and that's what I did."

Asked about what his old neighborhood was like, he responds, "You don't even want to know. It's a jungle. A lot of the guys I grew up with, a lot of them passed away, a lot of them are in jail. Same story from anyone in the projects."

But that doesn't mean he's forgotten. He talks about coming to the park where he grew up, "playing with the kids" and how he runs a basketball camp in the summer.

"Thank God, Brooklyn, my hometown team, drafted me. I'm happy where I'm at right now," he says. "I feel great right now. My knee is 100 percent. get ready for the summer league, get ready for next season."