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What's the latest on Tyler Johnson, Allen Crabbe and the Nets?

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The Brooklyn Nets have had a busy offseason, with a significant signing of Jeremy Lin and a few offer sheets said to be put out to Restricted Free Agents. So, with the dust not even close to being settled, let's take a look at where we stand with a few (possible) key acquisitions.


Yeah, that one is done. Finally, one we can move on...for now.


This is where things get interesting. The Nets have reportedly offered Johnson a 4-year, $50 "poison pill" contract, in that the last two years of the contract could be worth close to $40 million for Johnson. The Heat were said to be thinking about passing on matching here...that was, until the Dwyane Wade news started to trickle out.

The Heat were looking to re-up on Wade, while also holding long, long odds on trying to sign Kevin Durant. Now, if Wade leaves Miami for Denver and their $50 million offer, would the Heat then match on Johnson in order to fill out their roster? Or, is that poison pill still to big for them to swallow?

Seems it is. And here is a big update, quite possibly.

This is one to keep an eye on. Watch where Wade goes, if he goes, and then see how the Heat react.


Crabbe is said to be meeting with the Nets, among a handful of other teams, today -- and possibly tomorrow. That said, the Blazers still can match any offer for Crabbe. Nets fans were hoping that the Blazers would be able to ink free agent Pau Gasol, thus likely making it much more difficult for them to match on Crabbe. Gasol, however, signed with the Spurs.

The Blazers did trade for guard Shabazz Napier, which, not sure that effects much. But, it's worth keeping an eye on.

So, as of Tuesday, we're still in waiting, and a lot will have to do with the amount of money the Nets are willing to offer Crabbe, then if the Blazers think that's "too much" money, as well as where the Heat net-out on Wade.

Fun, fun, fun!