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In free agency, Brooklyn Nets have been aggressive, but so far with limited luck

J Pat Carter/Getty Images

According to various reports online, the Nets have been aggressive in pursuing top mid-level free agents, but have had little luck .  So far, the team has signed Jeremy Lin, their top free agent target, Justin Hamilton and Trevor Booker and are expected to sign Tyler Johnson and possibly Allen Crabbe to offer sheets this week.

Among those who the Nets have reportedly pursued...

--Marvin Williams, who re-signed with Charlotte in a four-year, $54 million deal;

--Dwight Powell, who re-signed with Dallas in a four- year, $37 million deal;

--Kent Bazemore, who re-signed with Atlanta in a four- year, $72 million deal;

--Jamal Crawford, who re-signed with the L.A. Clippers in a three-year, $42 million deal

--Jared Dudley who signed with Phoenix in three-year, $30 million deal;

--Sergio Rodriguez, who signed with Philadelphia in a one-year $8 million, deal

For the most part, the players re-signed with their old teams which can offer bigger contracts.  Dudley reportedly had a two-year, $18 million offer from the Nets, but he wanted more money and more years, so signed with Phoenix.

As Sean Marks said not long after he was hired, the Nets would pursue top free agents, but added it would be "difficult" and it has been.

The Nets currently have 11 players either signed or committed, including Tyler Johnson, and $21 million in cap space.