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Nets PG targets Sergio Rodriguez and Brandon Jennings sign one-year deals with division rivals

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Two point guards who the Nets looked at before signing Jeremy Lin have agreed to one-year deals with division rivals, Sergio Rodriquez with the 76ers, Brandon Jennings with the Knicks.

The Nets and Rodriguez reportedly talked about a multi-year deal, with his family members telling people it was a done deal. But it wasn't. The morning after the agreement with Lin, Rodriguez was tweeting about still being part of Real Madrid.

Similarly, Chris Broussard reported Friday that the Nets would work out Jennings in Los Angeles, the morning after team officials had met with Jeremy Lin and sealed the deal that Lin tweeted out Friday morning.

Later that day, Jennings was asked on Twitter about the workout.

Then, Sunday, he complained that people think he's still hurt -- he blew out his achilles 19 months ago.

The Knicks decided to take a chance on him.

The deal, according to various reports, is one year for $5 million.

On Sunday, another potential point guard candidate, Rajon Rondo agreed to a two year, $28 million contract with the Bulls.

The Nets currently don't have a veteran back-up point guard on the roster. They're expected to sign Miami's Tyler Johnson to a $50 million offer sheet Thursday.