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Film Study: How newest Net Beau Beech fits with Brooklyn

Brooklyn Nets

It’s good to focus on what someone can do as opposed to what they can’t.

On the surface, Beau Beech isn’t a groundbreaking acquisition to the rebuilding Brooklyn Nets, but he’s an acquisition, with a great name. Also, the undrafted North Florida product brings a skill set which, if utilized, could keep him in the league for a very long time.

The dude can shoot.

Over the course of four seasons, Beech earned significant playing time for the Ospreys – 28.7 minutes per game in 133 appearances to be exact. Throughout his four-year run, Beech averaged 11.7 points and 5.1 rebounds per game, but made considerable improvements every season.

As a freshman, Beech came in and posted averages of 7.9 points on 41.3% shooting while knocking down 35.3% from three, along with 3.8 rebounds in 23.8 minutes per contest. By his senior season, Beech was averaging 15.4 points on 45.5% shooting, including 42.4% from three point range while grabbing 6.4 boards in 31.8 minutes per contest.

In the four years, his player efficiency rating also jumped from 13.8 to 20.9.

In this collection of plays from the 6’8 forward’s college days, you really get a feel for Beech’s overall game…and how fun is name is to say.

Here we have more than enough game film to dissect Beech's game.

A few things:

1.    Clearly not a primary ball handler, which helps him at the NBA level because he won’t be looked at to create for others. His main attribute is his jumper, and he displays a profound confidence when beyond the arc. In various clips here you’ll see Beech has a tendency to trail on fast breaks to an open wing or dead center with the idea of knocking down the trey. He should be real effective in transition.

2.    Moving without the ball is critical at the NBA level, especially in a Nets system that should feature plenty of pick and roll. Beech is going to predominately live beyond the arc. So, moving without the ball and spacing the floor for others to work, which could end in an open three for him, is essential, especially since he doesn’t create his own shot very much.

3.    In the second half of the video we get to see more of Beech finishing around the rim, along with some of his playmaking on defense. As an undrafted player, defense is what will earn you the most playing time. If he could combine that with his sharpshooting, then we may see more of him moving forward.

Now that we know a little more of what he was at North Florida, let’s look back at some of his summer league action from earlier this month, which is what ultimately earned him a partial guaranteed one-year deal with the Nets to begin with.

This is what really got NetsDaily twitter excited about Beech, other than just saying and tweeting his name. The summer league is not the equivalent of standard NBA level talent, but there is NBA talent in the summer league, not to mention NBA coaches on hand with their gameplans. It’s more of the same, but this is in the NBA summer league with current and future NBA players as opposed to the Atlantic Sun Conference.

1.    We actually see Beech make his mark on the defensive end first by blocking and contesting shots mostly on the interior, using his 6’9" frame to disrupt the offense. This gives off his willingness to play at both ends, which he did at North Florida. The Nets needs as many two way players as possible.

2.    His three point shooting carried over to summer league ... although he did have an 0-of-9 game. What we saw in his North Florida film carries over.  that is his confidence from deep as well as his range. He undoubtedly has NBA range and a quick trigger. Being 6’9", Beech can stretch the floor and rise up over smaller defenders if need be. Three pointers and defense could earn Beech actual NBA minutes as those are the two most important facets of the NBA today.

So overall, Beech’s game seems solid and very NBA friendly. He’s also an undrafted rookie, which means he has no choice but to be coachable if he wants to succeed at this level. Moreover, he is far, far more likely to start the season with the Long Island Nets, not the parent club. That $45,000 partial guaranteed will help him live on a D-League salary

Atkinson and Marks have been looking for guys to fit their system, so it seems that Beech will get his opportunity whether it’d be at the NBA or NBADL.

…Now say his name five times fast.