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Jarrett Jack says laughing tweet was NOT about Jeremy Lin signing

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

At 10:02 a.m on July 1, Jeremy Lin tweeted out the news he was signing with the Nets.

Then, at 10:25, Jarrett Jack, who had been waived  24 hours earlier, also posted a tweet.

Hmmm, you might say, sounds like Jack is making fun of the point guard who will replace him. Not to mention the question of racial overtones. But in an interview with Mike Mazzeo, Jack denies again that the tweets were related.

"Clearly the Nets and I had parted ways, so they would’ve had to sign somebody," Jack said. "So let’s just say they were to sign Mike Conley and I tweeted, ‘Hahaha.’ Would there have been an uproar? The one thing they told us as far as Twitter is always be specific. But people were calling me a racist and all sorts of stuff, and I was like, 'Are you guys really believing this? This is crazy.'"

Jack explained --or tried to-- the context of the tweet ... too complicated to re-post here.  But he did praise Lin.

"I haven’t reached out to J-Lin, but hopefully he doesn’t think it was (any bitterness on my part)," Jack said at his NYC summer basketball camp Friday. "What would even be funny about that? I think J-Lin is damn good. I thought he was tremendous in Houston when they were hitting all those 3-pointers, and then in Charlotte, he played his ass off during the playoffs."