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Is Jeremy Lin the next Michael Jordan? (Hint: No...But, Space Jam 3!)

Jeremy Lin was signed this summer to essentially save the Brooklyn Nets from being 20-win team with no story to tell to being a 23-win team with some cachet among fans, to bring excitement back to the Barclays Center.

He’s also been tasked with saving the world...If, in fact, you think that humanity is doomed should Lin and his anime basketball team lose a game to the Anime All-Stars.

Although, well, just watch the video.

"But, boss, he’s not even like MJ or LeBron."

No, he’s not. But, he’s probably the most fun, slash, entertaining player to have ever suited up for the Brooklyn Nets — and, you know, he hasn’t actually played a game for the Nets. At least not yet.  His teammates get it.

Anyway, Jeremy Lin is fun. This video was fun. Humanity as we know it is over, since the Anime All-Stars won. So, those draft picks aren’t going to matter anyway. Take that, Celtics fans.