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Brooklyn Nets start promoting Jeremy Lin to New York's Chinese and Chinese-American community

That didn't take long.

Nets reps were in Flushing Tuesday to promote Jeremy Lin's arrival in New York, meeting with local community leaders and explaining what the arrival of Jeremy Lin means for the Nets and New York's Chinese and Chinese-American communities. There are 570,000 New Yorkers with Chinese or Taiwanese heritage and 200,000 of them live in Brooklyn. Flushing hosts one of the city's biggest Asian communities.

Joe Grande, Senior Account Manager for Group Sales at the Nets was on hand. He told NTDTV, a local Chinese language TV station, "We went all in on Jeremy Lin and we would love to see you come out and support him."

According to one translation, the Nets are offering various tiers of group rates for fans who want to watch Lin at Barclays Center.

Lin fans gave the effort a thumbs up...