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How bad will Brooklyn Nets be? Real bad, says ESPN

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN is out with its summer forecast of the East ... and they project that the Nets will be worse --one game worse-- than last year's 21-win season.

Despite mainstay Brook Lopez and Linsanity hitting Brooklyn, the Nets are projected to drop a win, according to our panel. The Nets had the second-worst defensive efficiency last season, and offensive-minded additions like Lin, Luis Scola and Greivis Vasquez aren't going to help matters.

Well,it's only July and it's only a projection, but ESPN has a pretty good record. In fact, they usually predict more wins than actually occur.  Last year, the projection was 30 wins. The Nets won 21.  Two years ago, ESPN projected 39 wins. The Nets won 38.

ESPN projects that the Nets and the new-look 76ers will finish tied for last in the East.