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... And about that hair, Jeremy Lin's newest hairstyle


It takes 30 minutes, the braid. But it's eons since he limited himself to a buzzcut as he did in the Garden. Since then, he's experimented with the man-bun, the mohawk (more the motified mohawk) and what TMZ called the "Miley Cyrus."

Hair-raising. But on Wednesday it was braids, more specifically French braids. (Some thought it was cornrows, but a press room poll agreed braids).

So why? "I’ve been wanting to do this and a bunch of different hairstyles for a long time,’’ Lin told the team’s website. "I’ve got all these different hairstyles. I don’t really know any braiders in the Bay [Area] where I am in the offseason. But I came to Brooklyn and I said there has to be some braiders out here, and I found a really good one and she helped me out."

Fans liked it. Check out his reaction when Brooklyn Brigade member Doug Bearak shouted out his approval, Lin acknowledged it with a smile.

Does it matter? Not really. He told the World Economic Forum last month that he just wants to get it out of his system while young. And yes, there is an analytic for the way he plays, depending on hairstyle. The sample is small, but it's the man-bun: 15.3 points in four games last season. Charlotte went 3-1. Go man-bun!