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Are the Nets done? Are they ever done?

The Nets have 15 players under contract, all with fully guaranteed deals ... And uniform numbers assigned!

So does that mean they're done? Is this the roster they'll go to war with in November? Don't be so sure, says Sean Marks, the GM.

"I don’t know that we’re ever done. We’re going to look and see what else is out there. we’re going to continue to scout and scour and see what other teams are doing, what other leagues around the world are doing, how the olympics are going. We’re going to have three guys down there, I’ll be going to be with them. But we’ll just see. We’ll keep all our options alive"

And what about that $20 million in cap space? And being $10 million under the "floor?"

The floor is not important to me right now at all; that’s the least of my concerns. The big thing for us is having flexibility throughout the year. So we will go into the season with flexibility, we’ll potentially hit the trade deadline with flexibility and we’ll see what comes our way."

In other words, the Nets are not quite done. If something comes along, whether by free agency or by trade, they'll listen ... And they're still making calls too.

Don't expect Dion Waiters or Lance Stephenson to show up. It's still about character and culture.