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Jeremy Lin and the 'NBA team as a start-up' mentality

Brooklyn Nets

Of all the things Jeremy Lin said Wednesday at his (and others') introductory press conference the one that most caught our eye was his comparison of the Nets to a Silicon Valley start-up.  He made the comparison when asked why he chose the Nets.

Not the kind of analysis you'd expect from a typical NBA free agent but then, Lin is from North California, the incubator for so many startups, and a Harvard grad with a degree in economics.  And the more you think about it, the more it rings true.

The Nets have only been in Brooklyn a few years and in their new space a few months. They have gathered talent from around the world and have an "angel investor" in Mikhail Prokhorov.  Of course, not all start-ups are successes. Few are Google or Apple.

Those that do succeed attract other talent, other "investors."  Oh yeah, they produce a better product, too.

(Thanks to Andy Vasquez for the transcript)