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Caris LeVert hopes to be back "within the next couple months"

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with, the Michigan news site, Caris LeVert spoke of how he expected to drafted high, but that he doesn't want to put a "firm date" on what he'll be back on court, other than "the next couple months."

At this point, wrote Nick Baumgardner...

LeVert continues the daily rehabilitation and strength rebuild on his left foot. He's not rushing the process and he doesn't have a firm date in mind right now in terms of when he'll be able to go full-speed on the court. He won't play in the NBA's summer league and says he hopes to be back in action "within the next couple months."

Some reports put LeVert back on the court in late August or September, just when players will start to gather at the HSS Training Center for scrimmages in advance of October 1 training camp start.

LeVert sees things moving in the right direction though.  His pre-Draft visits to NBA practice facilities --not workouts-- were debilitating, physically even more than mentally.

"I was just ready to be done with that whole process," LeVert said. "It was tough traveling around every day, trying to rehab my foot every day while I'm flying like every other day. Relieved would be the right word.

"It was a little mentally tiring. But I tried to not let it get to me. I can't really control what people ask me but I can control how I respond. I tried to keep everything into perspective and try to stay positive."

He was not surprised, he said, that he was taken in the first round, despite all the mock drafts that put him in the second. (The Nets, it turned out, had him 11th in their internal mock draft, which was based on pure talent.)

"(No reason) in particular, I just had a feeling that (the 20s) was the range that I had," he says. "At the end of the day, I kept perspective on everything."

The Nets took a risk on LeVert. They traded a 27-year-old veteran who averaged 15 and 9 to Indiana for his rights. They took a big leap of faith (aided by having their doctor be his surgeon) in choosing him so high.  And they know they will have to be patient. So will he.