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Eric Pincus offers details on Brooklyn Nets signings

Brooklyn Nets

The devil is in the details, you know, and in mouse-over footnotes on his Nets salary page Eric Pincus of Basketball Insiders lays out a few of them.

Here's what Pincus notes...

--Three of the new Nets have performance bonuses:  Jeremy Lin whose bonuses are yet to be determined; Luis Scola, has $500,000 in likely incentives; Greivis Vasquez $652,174 in unlikely incentives -- the difference between his reported $5 millon contract and his guarantee of $4,347,826.  Incentives can be based on number of games player and/or individual performances.

--Only one of the new Nets has a trade kicker, Lin at 10 percent. Lin is also the only player with a player option... on his third year.  (Brook Lopez and Bojan Bogdanovic also have trade kickers, at 15 percent.)

--Four of the new Nets have guaranteed second years: Lin, Trevor Booker, Justin Hamilton and Isaiah Whitehead. Other than Caris LeVert, who's on a rookie deal, the rest don't have any second years on their deal or have a team option with partial guarantee.

--Anthony Bennett and Joe Harris have identical contracts -- a full guarantee on the first year of their two-year vets minimum deal.  The second year is a team option with no guarantees until October 31,2017; then a guaranteed $250,000 until January 10, 2018 (when all contacts are guaranteed.)

--Hamilton will be paid out of the cap, not with the room exception. The Nets had the option of paying him $3 million out of cap space or $2.898 million using the room exception. If they had a tight cap situation, they could have paid him using the room exception. They don't so he will be paid out of cap space.

--In the same vein, Jarrett Jack's $500,000 partial guarantee will not be stretched out into three payments of $166,667, as originally reported.  Instead, the full amount of his guarantee will be the cap this year.  The Nets will have more than $6 million in "dead money" -- salaries paid to player no longer with the team, the $500,000 paid Jack; the $323,000 paid Andrea Bargnani in his buyout and the $5.474 million stretch of Deron Williams contract.

--Whitehead's deal is very similar to a late first rounder (Nets had him mid-first round in their internal draft.). His first two years are guaranteed at $1,074 and $1.112 million. His third year is non-guaranteed until June 30, 2018; his fourth year non-guaranteed until June 30, 2019.

As previously reported, Pincus has the Nets with $74 million in salary - $20.1 million in cap space meaning they're $10.7 million under salary floor