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Pincus: Brooklyn Nets finish free agency with $20.1 million in cap space

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If Plan A was going after restricted free agents with big, back-loaded contracts and Plan B was finding veteran players to fill in, Plan C looks like it's about hanging on to a big cache of salary cap space that can be used this season to facilitate trades and/or save for the 2017 free agency.

As Sean Marks insisted  last week, after the Heat and Trail Blazers matched on Tyler Johnson and Allen Crabbe, "We're not just going to go out and spend for the sake of spending. We have a lot of flexibility next year, so hopefully I'm standing in front of you next year with a couple of guys who sign offer sheets that didn't get matched."

in a series of tweets Saturday night and Sunday morning, Eric Pincus of Basketball Insiders laid out the Nets position in general terms as well as how it's affected by most recent contracts.

One reason for the estimate on Harris is that he has yet to sign his Nets contract, the only player on the team who hasn't. At least two summer league players, Yogi Ferrell and Egidijus Mockevicius, are expected to sign training camp contracts with small guarantees.

So what's the upshot?  Like Philadelphia the last two years, the Nets have enough cap space to facilitate trade between other teams, taking on expiring contracts ... and getting paid in draft picks.  Long term, the Nets are putting themselves in a position where they will $50 million in cap space next summer.

As for being under the floor, the sanctions are minimal. The difference between what the Nets spend and the $86 million floor would be distributed to the players on the Nets roster at the end of the regular season.