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Pat Riley: Heat owner told Nets "You're not poaching any of my guys"

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

In a discussion of the Heat's off-season, Pat Riley spoke mostly about the loss of Dwyane Wade, but also made it clear that Micky Arison, the Heat owner, made the decision to match the Nets offer sheet on Tyler Johnson.

"Micky said, 'You're not poaching any of my guys,' " Riley related, recalling a conversation Arison had with Nets brass. "And Micky made the decision. He loves Tyler. He's a young piece and part of our future. So we'll deal with years three and four, but years one and two we got him at a bargain."

"Micky loves him and he wanted him and made the decision to keep him," Riley added.

The Heat president also noted that Miami tried to get Johnson to go back on his word and accept a deal that was more amenable to Miami's cap situation.

"He wasn’t going to agree to something and then come back to us and do something and say it's off. Tyler is a great kid. He has great moral values. He kept his word to Brooklyn so we matched it," Riley added. "He’s part of our future. We will deal with years 3 and 4. Years 1 and 2, we got him as a bargain."

Under terms of the offer sheet, the Heat will have to pay Johnson $5.6 million next season, then $5.9 million and the two out years at $18.9 million and $19.6 million.  If Miami hadn't matched, the Nets would have paid him the same amounts, but their cap hit would have been $12.5 million every year for four years ... $60 million over four years.