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Randy Foye buys New Jersey home from Bruce Springsteen for $1.7 million

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Randy Foye signed a one-year deal with the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday and didn't hesitate to find himself a home.

The Newark, New Jersey native bought a house in Rumson, New Jersey -€” not Brooklyn or Manhattan -€” but New Jersey from the famed rock n roll artist, Bruce Springsteen.

The house in Monmouth County was sold to Foye for $1.7 million. Interesting enough, Monmouth County records show Foye and Springsteen's trustees signed a contract to purchase the home in February. Does that indicate Foye's desire to return home? Hmmm. He came to the Nets for a somewhat discounted price.

Foye, a "character guy" in Sean Marks' eyes is very well connected to the community. He runs mentoring programs for Newark students; raises money for things such as: school supplies, clothes, food and runs an annual basketball camp in Rumson.

Pretty interesting stuff. We can only hope -- with the up-tempo offense the Nets are expected to utilize -€” that Randy Foye was born to run.