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Did Luis Scola interrupt a meeting with Argentine president to take Nets call?


Did this really happen?  If so, it's going to be part of the Nets lure.

According to a source in Luis Scola's "camp," as reported by a Mavericks (!) blog, Scola was in a meeting with the president of Argentina when his phone started to buzz.  Jimmy Crowther of All Things Mavs writes that it caused a bit of a panic for the Argentine icon, who after all will be carrying the Argentine flag into the Olympic Stadium next month during the Parade of Nations. He knew who was calling and what it was about...

Just the other day, the Nets were negotiating a deal with Scola's camp to get him in a Brooklyn jersey. However, nothing could be official without Scola's consent of course. My source tells me that Luis' phone was buzzing away in his pocket, but he was in no position to answer it. Why? Because Scola was in a very important meeting with the President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri. Scola and Macri were sitting side by side. The President was handing over the official flag of Argentina for Scola to carry in the opening ceremony of the Olympics this summer, an incredibly high honor for any athelete. Before the meeting was over, Scola asked to step away so that he could run to the bathroom really fast.

The bathroom break, of course, had another purpose: Scola needed to talk with his agent. He reportedly told his camp to make it official and finalize the numbers with Brooklyn so that he could join the Nets next season.

The story should be easy to confirm ... if you're in Las Vegas. Scola and Team Argentina left Buenos Aires for Las Vegas yesterday.  It was a big deal.

They'll play "friendly" games with Nigeria next Monday and Wednesday, then Team USA on Friday in a nationally televised game.