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Yormark: Jeremy Lin is good at basketball AND good for business

Danny La-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Lin will most likely be the starting point guard for the Brooklyn Nets come opening night, and it's also very likely that he'll be the Nets second best player once the season starts. Of course, what he does on the basketball court isn't the only benefit to befall the Nets since singing the 27-year-old point guard.

Brian Lewis of the New York Post spoke with Brett Yormark, Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment CEO, who is responsible for the marketing efforts for all things Nets and Barclays Center.

On Lin, Yormark noted:

"The benefit of that basketball decision is there are some business opportunities," Yormark told The Post. "Those business opportunities are hopefully an expanded fan base in Brooklyn and beyond, and a driver of merchandise sales. That’s certain. He was a top-20 seller last year in jersey sales, and given the interest Jeremy generates in China and that part of the world, our games will be televised there.

"To the extent I can take advantage of him, I will. … We didn’t have a top-20 seller last year, so given the appetite of the fans, it affects ticket sales, merchandise sales and sponsors. To the extent we can be smart about growing our different business, we need to take advantage of it, and we will."

Lewis also noted that of the 570,000 Chinese residents in New York City, 200,000 of them reside in Brooklyn. And to look at the bigger picture, he spoke with capital markets expert Mark Ganis who fully expects to see more Nets fans in China, let alone in New York City.

If you recall, when Yi Jianlian with with the Nets, there was a Chinese language website dedicated to the team. You have to imagine that something like that might possibly be in the works?

Yormark told Lewis that he's going to China "next month," as part of his continued efforts to globalize the Nets.

"I’ve traveled around world trying to create interest in the team. I’ve been to China, and it warrants another visit. … I’m sure our games will be televised there because of the interest the fans have in Jeremy. And in the interest of creating global partners, I’ll explore it. So I’m excited both from a fans perspective and business perspective."

Both Kenny Atkinson and GM Sean Marks have been fully focused on what Lin can do on the court and, again, as the team's presumed leader, they're hoping he can do a lot.