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Woj: Brooklyn Nets may consider offer to Dion Waiters

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Wojnarowski, in his story on the Nets losing Tyler Johnson to the Heat, writes that the Nets are considering a bid for Dion Waiters, the Thunder's 6'4" shooting guard and a restricted free agent.

For the Nets, one possibility on the market could be a run at Oklahoma City Thunder restricted free-agent guard Dion Waiters, league sources said. The Nets have given some consideration to an offer, but will likely evaluate that in the next few days, league sources said.

Brooklyn is devoid of first-round picks in coming years, and new general manager Sean Marks has tried to be creative in bringing young talent into the organization.

David Aldridge also suggested the Nets could be interested.

Notice all the caveats (and the fact that Woj didn't tweet it!) but Waiters has been on everyone's back-up list once the Heat matched on Tyler Johnson and the Blazers matched on Allen Crabbe.

Waiters, who is no doubt talented, has a reputation for inconsistency ... as well as controversy and tragedy.  Waiters was taken fourth overall in the 2012 Draft by the Cavaliers. He hadn't worked out for any teams prior to the draft. He had reportedly received a guarantee from a team later in the lottery but the Cavaliers surprised draftniks by taking him higher.

In the playoffs, Waiters averaged 8.4 points on 41.7 percent shooting, including 37.5 percent from deep.  But he's most remembered for an elbow he threw against Manu Ginobili in the Spurs series to get the space needed to inbound the ball.

The problem is that the Nets could face the same issues they faced with the Heat and Blazers.  Any team would have to give Waiters a four-year max deal that would scare off the Thunder would think . But OKC would certainty match any deal less than that.