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Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Allen Crabbe will not be starting for the Brooklyn Nets next season. The Trail Blazers matched the Nets four-year, $75 million offer, Adrian Wojnarowski reports.

Crabbe confirmed the news through his personal trainer and friend.

The news comes nearly seven hours before the 11:59 p.m. deadline for both the Blazers to match on Crabbe and the Heat to match on Tyler Johnson. Marc Stein has reported that there is a growing belief around the league that the Heat will match as well, leaving the Nets without a payoff of their big restricted free agent gamble.

By tendering Crabbe $75 million and Johnson $50 million surprisingly big offer sheets, the Nets had hoped to start the process of making up for the loss of so many first and second round picks under Billy King.  If the Heat match on Johnson, the Nets will have five open roster spots and $33.5 million in cap space ... but few top flight options.

If the Heat don't match, the Nets will still have $21 million.

The Nets loaded up Crabbe's offer sheet with a variety of disincentives for Portland and owner Paul Allen to match, starting with the $75 million contract, but also payment advances, a trade kicker, performance bonuses that are unlikely with the Nets, but likely with the Blazers (wins), etc. Not to mention how it would effect the balance going forward.

Still, with all that, Allen decided to pay the piper and deny the Nets the player they had hoped to start next to Jeremy Lin.