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With Meyers Leonard now signed, Blazers can still match on Allen Crabbe ... if they want to spend

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The Trail Blazers have signed Meyers Leonard, their back-up big man, to a four year, $41 million deal.  Adrian Wojnarowski broke it.

So how does that effect the Nets chances on Allen Crabbe? It all depends on how much pain Paul Allen, the richest man in pro sports, want to handle.

As we've noted, that's a lot of pain.  The Nets have loaded up Crabbe's offer sheet with a variety of disincentives for Portland and Allen to match, starting with the $75 million contract, but also payment advances, trade kickers, performance bonuses that are unlikely with the Nets, but likely with the Blazers (wins), etc.  Not to mention how it would effect the balance going forward.

That's a lot of money and not a lot of flexibility. As long time Blazer beat writer Jason Quick noted...

So, as we head into the evening, it would appear that the Nets had done about as much as they can to get Crabbe and by all accounts, he wants to join the Nets where he could start, something he could never do if the Blazers backcourt stays healthy.  His agent, who is also Meyers Leonard agent, knows that as well.  Do Paul Allen and Neil Olshey?