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Bondy: Kris Humphries to the Nets a 'strong possibility'

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

We mentioned this earlier in the day, but it's starting to sound like Kris Humphries returning to the Brooklyn Nets is becoming a real possibility.

Earlier in the day, Shams Charania reported that the Nets were one of 8-10 teams looking into Humphries. And, as you may recall, Humphries and the Nets have a past. Humphries spent part of last season playing for the Atlanta Hawks, where Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson was an assistant coach.

How much does this change now that the Nets have signed Justin Hamilton? Well, they still need a power forward, and one who can rebound, at that. And where does Jordan Hill fit in? And what about Anthony Bennett?

Welcome to the 2016 NBA free agency period, where things are really, really moving.