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Stephon Marbury: Nets signed Jeremy Lin to attract Asian market

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

"Stephon Marbury" and "Nets" in the same sentence -- is and has been a recipe for disaster ... for a long time. Nothing good ever happened... and "PeaceStar" has done it again.

The Chinese Basketball star -- and Beijing icon -- is tweeting about the signing of Jeremy Lin, essentially saying the Nets only signed Lin to tap into the Asian market and fill their "expensive" arena.

And there's this!

Maybe somebody forgot to tell ‘Starbury' that Lin had an extremely productive season with Charlotte, or that the Brooklyn Nets could really use him to fill their point guard role, especially during an offseason where solid point guards are tough to come by. Not that it would matter, apparently. It's always about Steph.

And maybe, just maybe, Stephon Marbury would, despite his denials, like to be back in New York, and be what Isaiah Whitehead will be this season: the first Coney Islander, first Brooklynite to play for the hometown team.