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Did Jarrett Jack take a dig at Nets/Lin on Twitter?

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Social media always has its way of getting people into trouble whether it be friendships, relationships, business and so much more. In the NBA world, it seems to be a frequent problem. Ask DeAngelo Russell.

Not long after Jeremy Lin announced (on twitter) that he would be joining the Nets, Jarrett Jack expressed an interesting choice of words for the world to see. The Nets didn't extend its team option on Jack Thursday night and perhaps he was a bit miffed.

Not long after, he was quick to deny any allegations, any connections.

Jack is one of the most respected players around the league --always listed as a potential coach -- and has shown nothing but class in his 11-year career. It's likely to be forgotten by tomorrow.

Regardless, it doesn't look good on his part.