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Stein: Jared Dudley on Nets radar

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders has been insisting the Nets have a very strong interest in adding some veterans in their locker room. After all, Brook Lopez -- at 28-years-old -- is the oldest Net on the roster, which also includes five first and second year players.

So, the latest rumor comes as no surprise. This time it's from Marc Stein of ESPN, discussing Brooklyn's interest in Jared Dudley, a nine-year swingman who's played with five different teams over the span of his nine-year career.

Nets fans are rather familiar with Dudley. When Dwight Howard requested a trade to the New Jersey Nets in 2011, Dudley voiced his opinion on the matter.

"I don't wanna get in Dwight Howard's business but lol Why would you wanna play for the Nets over teams such as the Lakers, Bulls, and Mavs."

But wait, there was more...

It's 2016. Should it matter? Meh. But to those who hold a grudge, it might tarnish their view of the Nets free agency. Oh well.

Dudley shot 42 percent from deep this past season and is said to be a tremendous locker room asset. He's 30-years-old and can provide the Nets with some much-needed perimeter shooting.