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As midnight approaches, "chatter" that Brooklyn Nets pushing for Jeremy Lin

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

We still don't know the identities of the three teams Jeremy Lin will meet on Friday --Charlotte is not one of them-- but Rick Bonnell,the long-time Hornets beat writer, says the Nets are making a big push to reignite LinSanity.

It would of course make sense on a number of levels: Lin is a big fan of Kenny Atkinson, who he credits with developing his game in New York during that crazy run in 2012. And Lord knows the Nets could use a point guard. Oh yeah, New York has the biggest Chinese and Chinese-American population in the U.S. Their new training facility is located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn's China Town.

There are of course lot of rumors about the Nets' going after point guards --they need more than one. Lin, along with Rajon Rondo, appear to be on their list and there are increasing hints in Spain that Sergio Rodriguez, one of the world's best passers, is headed to Brooklyn. Malcolm Delaney has hinted he could be headed this way, too, although those rumors seem to be on the wane.

Lin recently opted out of his $2.2 million player option. With the new salary cap, he could get five times that.

So we wait until midnight, when leaks of signings hit the internet. Until then, we have Woj.