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Zach Lowe: Teams fear Brooklyn Nets will "jump the market"

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

In his annual free agency preview, Zach Lowe suggests some names the Nets might pursue -- Kent Bazemore and Jared Dudley (!), but also hints Brooklyn's strategy, overpaying for unrestricted free agents has other teams worried.

Teams are worried Brooklyn will jump the market on unrestricted free agents with ties to new coach Kenny Atkinson (Jeremy Lin, Kent Bazemore), and some under-the-radar young guys.

Lowe didn't name any prospects said that the Nets and 76ers are likely to raise the price tag on "young-ish" free agents.

Philadelphia and Brooklyn will be bad, but early indications are that both will go hard after young-ish free agents with untapped upside. They have enough cap space to make it rain with offer sheets, and at worst, they will drive up both prices and the pace of business in restricted free agency -- bad news for a team like the Warriors, who might need to wait out Durant before making a choice on Harrison Barnes.

The 76ers have been recently linked to Barnes, the Nets not so much. Lowe also names a couple of players the Nets are likely to be interested -- Bazemore, who he says the Nets, Bucks and Grizzlies, in particular, and Jared Dudley of the Wizards. "Brooklyn has strong interest in adding some character veterans, including Jared Dudley, sources say."

Bazemore, 6'5",and Dudley, 6'7", are both swingmen, of which the Nets have a surplus.

Two players who have been mentioned as potential targets got special attention, with Lowe offering big caveats.

Teams are terrified about [Chandler] Parsons' knees and crow they will hold firm at a number below his max. But Parsons is eligible only for the lowest-tier max deal, starting at about $22 million, and a GM on thin ice with chambered cash might bite that bullet ...

The Kings purchased six months of stat-hoggery from Rajon Rondo, and can now either let him walk or overpay him based on inflated numbers. It's like choosing between cauliflower and lima beans.

Stay tuned.