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How real is Rondo-to-the-max?

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders reports Wednesday that the Nets may very well be in the lead position for Rajon Rondo's services because they're the only team that is prepared to offer the 30-year-old PG the max.

The Brooklyn Nets are said to be the front runners in the Rajon Rondo sweepstakes, mainly because they’ll go up to the max to sign him. As crazy as that sounds, there just are not that many starting-caliber point guards in the marketplace and the Nets do not want to be left without a point guard.

For a player with 10 years, like Rondo, that would mean $30.8 million to start and a contract of about $140 million over four, based on a $94 million cap.


In an era where the mantra is "no quick fixes," "no skipped steps," Sean Marks would offer a baggage-laden Rondo nearly 60 percent of their available cap space?

Sorry, not buying it.

Like most free agent candidates, we don't have much information AT ALL on how much the Nets like a player or vice versa. Is it possible that Rondo is among the players the Nets will call Friday morning? Sure? Will that call cost $120 million!?! No.