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Woj: Nets "shopping" Jarrett Jack ahead of Thursday's buyout date

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical reports Tuesday night that the Nets are "shopping" lead point guard Jarrett Jack ahead of his Thursday buyout date. If Jack can't be dealt by Thursday, the Nets are planning on waiving the 12-year veteran, clearing $5.8 million in cap space.

Jack, who tore his ACL, in January, is expected to be ready for training camp, according to Woj.

Woj writes that the Nets would be looking for a quality player in return in an ideal trade, that this may not be just a salary dump in the Nets' eyes.

A motivation for teams to trade for Jack would be the chance to shed an unwanted contract and then waive Jack – salary-cap relief. For a deal to make sense for the Nets – instead of simply absorbing the savings on the partial guarantee of Jack's deal – another team would have to send a player that Brooklyn would find useful.

This would be the second cost-cutting move from Brooklyn in a week. They traded Thaddeus Young to Indiana on the day of the NBA Draft, clearing $11 million in cap space. The Nets currently have an excess of $55 million in cap space heading into Friday's free agency ... as long as they waive Jack.

Jack averaged nearly 13 points and seven assists as the starting point guard for Brooklyn this past season before going down with the ACL injury. Jack has a reputation around the league as a great teammate and presence in the locker room.