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Marc Stein: Brooklyn Nets interested in Al Horford

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Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Al Horford knows the Nets new head coach well. Kenny Atkinson was an assistant coach in Atlanta and was top guy with the Dominican Republic national team.  So it would seem natural that the Nets have interest in the 6'10" center.

Mark Stein reports:

The Hawks, of course, face a stiff challenge in trying to retain Horford, who sources say is expected to draw free-agent interest from a number of teams, including the Lakers, Rockets, Orlando Magic, Detroit Pistons, Washington Wizards, Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets.

Hard to tell why Stein list the Nets last, but it's not just connections that help Brooklyn.  Horford credits Atkinson with his development.

"Before he got here, I was pretty much a shooter on the pick-and-pop," Horford told ESPN about Atkinson's time in Atlanta. "I was never really driving. Kenny has challenged me to put the ball on the floor. It’s something we’ve worked on together, and now it’s something I feel comfortable doing."

Horford of course could stay in Atlanta. And some the other teams interested in him have a shorter timeline to contention than the Nets or are already a contender.  And Horford, who has power forward size, plays the overwhelming percentage of his court time in the low post, where Brook Lopez plays.

It's all speculation --agent talk.  Until Friday.