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As free agency looms large, what's the Brooklyn Nets strategy?

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Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

So are the Nets going after Rajon Rondo, Jeremy Lin and Jamal Crawford or Al Horford?  Or are they going overseas to grab Sergio Rodriguez and Jan Vesely?  Keeping Jarrett Jack?  And what about Wayne Ellington's contract?  Anthony Bennett anyone?

Beats us!  This off-season isn't so much critical --they're not contending for a title or anything else, but it's the first in the Markinson Era. That's Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson.

Basketball Insiders Alex Kennedy and Steve Kyler set the tone Monday with a series of tweets... with Kyler tossing in, for the first time, Crawford's name. (Dan Woike of the Orange County Register also reported Monday that the Nets were on a long list of seven teams who have "interest:" in the 36-year-old.)

That would seem to fly in the face of what Sean Marks said Thursday night after the Draft. He painted a conservative picture of the Nets free agency strategy.

"It's not about going out there and spending on somebody just for the sake to spend. We'll hopefully make the right decisions and again it starts with bringing in high character people. People that not only embody the Nets culture, the Nets vision, but the fanbase can look out and say 'I wanna get behind that team'". "We know who we're targeting out there and we'll see where it goes."

Marks has said all along that the team will go after big free agents, but always added a caveat. Here's what he told Woj in February about pursuing free agents at the top of everyone's lists.

"I would hope so. I know that's going to be difficult. I think Brooklyn has a lot to offer. I think some of the changes we make, even prior to free agency. Agents and players will get wind that something different is happening there."

Marks has dramatically upgraded the staff and moved up in the Draft and after trading Thaddeus Young, he could have as much as $55 million in cap space ... a little less than $50 million if the Nets keep Jack.

Still, he doesn't have picks or even a point guard. Caris LeVert and Isaiah Whitehead are seen as combo guards for the moment. There are only two bigs on the roster: Brook Lopez and Chris McCullough and there's a perception around the league that the Nets could be a 20-win team again next season.

Here are the dates to watch this week: Ellington has to let the Nets know whether he's opting in by Wednesday and the Nets have to made a decision on Jack by Thursday. Same day, they also have to inform Markel Brown and Willie Reed if they are making them a qualifying offer.

Stay tuned.