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If Rajon Rondo wants to play in New York, only one team needs a point guard

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The Nets point guard situation remains unclear ... to say the least.  The Nets drafted two 21-year-olds, Caris LeVert and Isaiah Whitehead, who can play the point on Thursday. Friday, they signed one of the top undrafted players, Yogi Ferrell, to a partially guaranteed deal.  On Saturday, there were reports in Europe that Sergio Rodriguez, the Spanish passer extraordinaire, could join the team and on Sunday, there were intriguing tweets from Jarrett Jack possibly hinting that he'd be back.

And throughout the last few days there were rumors that Rajon Rondo, last year's assist leader, was interested in playing in New York, starting with Marc J. Spears tweet on Thursday evening.

That's hardly definitive. Neither was Rondo's recent fashion statement. This was taken in California on June 18.

Brian Lewis of the Post examines the Rondo possibility Sunday, thinking the Knicks decision to trade for Derrick Rose takes them out of contention, writing...

The Knicks’ trade for Derrick Rose may help the rival Nets get a point guard of their own, edging Rajon Rondo that much closer to Brooklyn.

Rondo will have other offers. Vlade Divac, the front office boss in Sacramento, wants him back, although in a recent interview, the 30-year-old veteran did not paint a positive picture of the Kings culture. Would the Nets want him? Good question. As Lewis points out, Sean Marks is holding his cards close. "I’m not going to comment on who we’re going after and so forth. We’ll get the right people. We’ll get the people that want to come here.’’ Marks said Thursday.

Is Rondo "right people?" He's got a checkered past particularly with head coaches, but some former teammates, including Kevin Garnett, swear by him. And of course, when Jason Kidd arrived in New Jersey 15 years ago this week, he had worse character issues than Rondo. How'd that work out?

And we haven't even talked Jeremy Lin, who spoke at the World Economic Forum (!) in Tiajnin, China, this weekend, or Mike Conley!  Expect to hear more about all this before Friday when free agency opens.