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Are Nets targeting Spain's Sergio Rodriguez?

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Boris Streubel/Getty Images

Spanish point guard Sergio Rodriguez, a two time Euroleague player of the year, is being targeted by the Nets, reports David Pick, the respected European hoops writer.  And they may sign him.

Pick tweeted Saturday...

In addition to Pick, a French hoops site, BasketUSA, reported that the Nets were in the market for Rodriguez's services,  noting that assistant GM Trajan Langdon scouted Rodriguez's team in April and that Rodriguez worked with Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson in 2010 when both were with the Knicks.

The question, of course, is whether Rodriguez would be a starter in the NBA or a back-up. A year ago, Adrian Wojnarowski wrote that his agent was going to gauge interest among NBA GMs.  Woj wrote then that Rodriguez could be an "elite backup point guard in the NBA."

Rodriguez, 30, is the point guard for Real Madrid, the Spanish league powerhouse as well as the Spanish national team.  He returned to Europe in 2011 after knocking around the NBA, playing with the Blazers, Kings and Knicks over four years. He played in 285 games, starting 22. He averaged 4.3 points and 3.9 assists in limited minutes as an NBA player.

A gifted passer, the 6'3" Rodriguez has been a European superstar since returning. He was the Euroleague Player of the year in 2014 and 2015, Euroleague MVP in 2014 (without starting a single game) and made the All Euroleague team at the point. He led Madrid to the Euroleague championship in 2015 and Spain to a gold in the FIBA Eurobasket that same year. He won a gold for Spain in the 2006 FIBA World Cup before joining the NBA. In recent months, there have been reports that he wanted to try his game in the NBA again.

He's always been a pass-first PG but has improved as a shooter in Europe.  This season, Rodriguez, known as "El Chacho," averaged 14 points and 6.2 assists in 27 Euroleague games, shooting 49.5 percent from two and 40.9 percent from three.  Here's a highlight reel of his passing...

The Nuggets have also been interested in Rodriguez as well. The Nets are in desperate need of point guards, plural. They drafted two "combo guards" Thursday, 6'7" Caris LeVert out of Michigan and 6'5" Isisah Whitehead out of Seton Hall. In addition the Nets have been connected to free agents Rajon Rondo and Jeremy Lin.