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Sean Marks 2016 NBA Draft Day Transcript + Audio

Sean Marks spoke to reporters after his first draft as Brooklyn Nets General Manager on Thursday, June 23.

Brooklyn Nets

Mike Mazzeo, ESPN New York: How do you feel the night went for you?

I think good. We're positive. Putting some building blocks in place so it went well.

Andy Vasquez, The Record:  What did you like about [Isaiah] Whitehead that made you move up the 12-13 spots to get him?

Yeah, I think there were a lot of things about him. We've seen him play and being a local guy; we were really familiar with him, his background, and the person, the character he has, and he fits with our group. He fits what we want to be, what we embody, his tenacity, his professionalism. For us, he embodies what Brooklyn grit is all about.

Mike Mazzeo: When did you work him out and what did you see in particular?

We actually had a chance to sit with him a few days ago again, and our coaching staff was really high on the character and person that he is. That means everything when we're starting to build a culture here.

Andy Vasquez: You've been in a lot of draft rooms before but you're in the big chair this time. What was that like and what did you think of the overall experience?

It was great. It was great. I'm fortunate I've got a good group around me and I owe those guys a lot. They were pushing me through the thing and I was pushing them. They have just as much say in the whole thing as I do. You know we involve our coaching staff a lot and I think the day went well for us.

Alex Raskin, Wall Street Journal: Do you see him [Whitehead] as a one or two or is it too early to make those sort of decision?

I think he's versatile. I think we put it that way. If you wanna use a 'combo guard'. We like what he brings to the table. We like his fire, his energy and his passion he has. You know, that's even away from the court not even just what he does on the court.

Ruth Morrison, What's The 411: You mention building a culture, what are the major aspects of building a culture?

It starts with good people. We're going to bring good people in here and you've probably heard me say it many times. We're not going to skip steps along the way and divert from what we set out to do from the beginning, which is bring in people who have good values, good culture and they're competitors. That's the type of team that Kenny wants to coach and those are the type of individuals we're bringing in here.

Unknown reporter: Does having Whitehead being around here help him assimilate what it's like to play in this market?

Sure, that's one of the questions we asked. I think he will succeed in this market and he's certainly familiar with it. I think by sitting with him over the last couple of days we got really familiar with the kind of person he is, and we've got no concerns about him in Brooklyn.

Mike Mazzeo: Is he going to play in Summer League?

The plan would be yes that he would play summer league.

Shlomo Sprung, The Comeback: You talked about not skipping steps and free agency's next week where you'll have a lot of cap space, how do you just a pose by not skipping steps but having all the cap space you could potentially spend?

"It's not about going out there and spending on somebody just for the sake to spend. We'll hopefully make the right decisions and again it starts with bringing in high character people. People that not only embody the Nets culture, the Nets vision, but the fanbase can look out and say 'I wanna get behind that team'".

Mike Mazzeo: What do you think you need in free agency at this point?

Well, if you look at the roster we need a few things! We know who we're targeting out there and we'll see where it goes. Today we got to put some building blocks on the Nets roster and we'll see where it goes from here.

Mike Mazzeo: At this point in your rebuild, can you convince a top tier free agent to come here?

I'm not going to comment on who we're going after and so forth. We'll get the right people. We'll get the people that want to come here. If you look at the staff that's here, they're all passionate about being in Brooklyn and supporting the Nets, and that will be important to the players coming here. They're going to be a part of the city. They're going to fight for it. They're going have that passion the same way I will, the same way Kenny will and his staff and my staff will do.

Alex Raskin: What do you think the big takeaway was from tonight? Obviously there's been a lot of foreign guys taken before, but tonight it looked to get to another level.

I'm not sure there's a takeaway, I think you just look at the global game it's become. I think there's over 100 NBA players now from foreign countries, so the fact that more and more of these guys are getting drafted just shows the expansion of the league all around.

Andy Vasquez: Have you guys made a decision on Jarrett Jack yet?

We have not yet.

Mike Mazzeo: Do you know if Wayne's going to opt out?

We do not.

Andy Vasquez: When do you have to make that decision on Jack by?

The 30th (June).

Anthony Puccio, NetsDaily: What makes Brooklyn an attractive destination for players/free agents to come to?

I think there's a lot of reasons why Brooklyn's attractive. First off the commitment from ownership being number one. They've stood behind here and said 'we're gonna build this facility' that you guys are all in. We're not afraid to spend money. We're going to spend money in the right places. And their [ownership's] commitment to winning. It goes all the way down to bringing the D-League team we're bringing in here. Having those guys under our umbrella, paying attention to those guys and we'll see what happens. Other than the city and Brooklyn and everything else speaks for itself. I don't need to tell everybody else what an incredible place this is. It was the same reason I was sold on coming here, and I'm sure many other people will feel the same.

Shlomo Sprung: Do you have any guys pinpointed for your summer league team yet?

Yeah we do. The guys back there are still working, so I probably need to get back there too. They're working on getting those guys now.

Shlomo Sprung: Any names?

No. We'll leave that roster for now. You'll hear those names soon enough.

Mike Mazzeo: You've talked about the situation with Brook and Thad being fluid, but with Brook is the situation still fluid or would you like him to be part of team moving forward?

I talked to Brook today. I discussed things with him today and he was excited about it; the approach and the way things are going and we'll just see where it all goes.