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In post-draft talk, Sean Marks speaks about how the night --and free agency-- is about "building blocks"

San Antonio Spurs

Sean Marks talked to Nets beat writers after the draft, in which the Nets took two guards, Caris LeVert, a 6'7" combo guard acquired in the Thaddeus Young, and Isaiah Whitehead, a 6'5" point guard who the Nets got in a trade with the Jazz.

Marks couldn't talk about the Young trade or LeVert because cap issues will prevent the deal from being finalized until after July 1.

Still, much of the conversation was about upcoming free agency.  Marks was asked about the Nets accumulating cap space --as much as $55 million, once the Young deal goes through. He talked about how he will pitch Brooklyn.

"I think there's a lot of reasons why Brooklyn's attractive," Marks said."First off the commitment from ownership being no. 1. They've stood behind here and said 'we've gonna build this facility' tht you guys are all in. We're not afraid to spend money.

"Other than that, the city and Brooklyn and everything else speaks for itself," he noted.

"It's not going out there and spending money just for the sake of spending it. We'll hopefully make the right decisions and it starts with bringing in high character people." Marks reiterated that Nets "aren't going to skip steps along the way ... I think we'll get the right people and we'll get people that want to come here," he added.

"We need a few things (laughs)," he admitted. "We know who we're targeting out there and we'll see how it goes. Today we got a few building blocks for the roster and we'll see where it goes from here."

Brook Lopez remains a Net and Marks said he spoke with him, presumably about the Young trade.

"I talked to Brook today. I discussed things with him and he was excited about the approach and where things are going and we'll just see where it all goes."

One decision that will affect how much cap space the Nets will have comes next wee. The team, he said, hasn't made decided on what to do with Jarrett Jack's $6.3 million team option,only $500,000 of which is guaranteed. Jack is coming off ACL surgery that cost him most of last season.

Marks praised his second round pick, Isaiah Whitehead and said the Nets plan to play him in the Vegas summer league, which starts in two weeks. Brooklyn brass had sat down with Whitehead a couple days ago and had been following him for a while. . Whitehead's "tenacity, his professionalism, for us he embodies what Brooklyn grit is about."

Marks said running a draft for the first time as a lead executive was great. He credited his front office staff and the coaching staff for their togetherness during the process. "I think the day went well for us," Marks said.

The Nets GM declined to talk about summer league or training camp, but like all NBA teams, the Nets are calling candidates who weren't drafted Thursday.