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Spears: Rajon Rondo interested in signing with the Brooklyn Nets

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Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets have a major need in singing a point guard, among other needs. Of course the prize of the offseason at the point guard position is Mike Conley, though that doesn't seem like an option for the Nets, as Conley is more likely to stay out West.

One free agent point guard, however, who is interested in signing with the Brooklyn Nets is Rajon Rondo, who is an unrestricted free agent. Rondo played in Sacramento last season, after years running the offense for the Boston Celtics -- and a brief stint with the Dallas Mavericks.

According to Marc Spears of ESPN, Rondo is interested in returning to Sacramento, however, he's also interested in playing for the Brooklyn Nets.

Rondo is among the top playmakers in the game, as well as a strong defender. He is, however, what you would call a "cancer" in the locker room and not one to be conciliatory with his head coach.

This here is simply a rumor and speculation, but at some point it makes sense since, well, there doesn't seem to be a huge market out there for Rondo and the Nets are in dire need of a point guard.