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Would Brooklyn Nets trade Jarrett Jack to Charlotte for 22nd pick?

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets have a problem. They need cap space to sign all their free agents ...or at least be in the mix.  So, points out Adrian Wojnarowski, they are willing to do a salary dump, parting with the 22nd pick in the process.

And both Tim Bontemps and Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer thinks one way to do it might involve trading for Jarrett Jack's barely protected contract. Jack of course is recovering from multiple knee injuries and turns 33 in October.

The Nets would have to take on other contracts in the process.

Why not the Nets, asks Bontemps.

Makes sense, adds Bonnell.

Indeed, Jack's contract is now $6.3 million, but only $500,000 of it is guaranteed (and if you want, you can stretch that!)  No word yet from the Nets camp, at least according to the Twitterverse.  Of course the night is young.