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As trade winds blow, speculation becomes a storm

Brooklyn Nets

There were three point guards traded Wednesday but none to the Nets. Derrick Rose went from Chicago to New York. George Hill went from Indiana to Utah. Jeff Teague went from Atlanta to Indiana.

There was little news on the Nets. Chad Ford said the Nets are so bereft of assets he hasn't heard of one trade involving Brooklyn.

And Mike Scotto tweeted the the Nets are interested in Joakim Noah ... who plays the same position as "building blocks" Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young. Does that signal the Nets plan on trading either to move up? Beats us.

The Knick trade for Rose could have implications for Brooklyn. It removes a competitor for Mike Conley, the Memphis Grizzlies free agent point guard.

But Tim McMenamin, who covers the NBA for ESPN in Texas, says that Conley likes the idea of playing for the Spurs or Mavericks.

The Nets were reportedly interested in Teague because of his connection to Kenny Atkinson.

As for Ford's claim, that's not what we hear. We hear Nets are active. How active? We'll see Thursday!