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Malcolm Delaney ... reading between the lines ain't easy

Johannes Simon/Getty Images

Malcolm Delaney is a 6'3" point guard, a Virginia Tech product who after going undrafted made his way to Europe where his toughness, aggressiveness and shooting helped him set Euroleague records and make the All-Euroleague team.

He has been linked to the Nets over the off-season, starting with a story on, the Euroleague's official blog, last month.

Nikos Varlas of Eurohoops wrote on May 14...

According to sources from the States, the Brooklyn Nets are more than interested in his services and they have already approached him. The Nets are not the only NBA team who would like to sign Delaney and among others, the Houston Rockets have also made their move.

Still the Nets seem to be more willing than anyone to give him his first NBA chance, while Delaney has also at least two offers from major Euroleague clubs on the table. One of them is Barcelona, which would like to build around him next season’s roster.

Okay. That was before the Euroleague Final Four where Delaney had better things to do than respond to every rumor. Now, back in the states, the social media-proficient Delaney is offering some interesting tweets on his future, starting with this one Friday morning.

That would seem to indicate that the Eurohoops article --and the Nets interest-- are a bit exaggerated. Then, an hour later, another tweet that made it seem like Delaney likes the idea of Brooklyn. He was responding to a Turkish fan's tweet that "Brooklyn is one of the worst teams that I've ever seen" and he shouldn't go there.

Then, there was the tweet about how F.C. Barcelona, the Spanish powerhouse, wants him and some believe he's headed there.

Seemed to dis that possibility.  Later still, Delaney appeared to hint that money might be an issue if he is, indeed, headed to the NBA.

Finally, at least for now, he seemed to be saying he's made up his mind responding to a European fan who quoted his tweet on his '"next move"...

Three letters? N.B.A.? We'll keep you posted. It's our life's work.