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Brook Lopez riding Tron Lightcycles at Disneyland... in Shanghai!

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Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Out of the six players guaranteed to come back next season, we have a decent idea of what some of them have been up to.

Guys like Chris McCullough, Sean Kilpatrick and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson have all spent a good portion of their time in the gym at the HSS Center in Brooklyn. Thaddeus Young has been down in Memphis running basketball camps and keeping intact with his AAU travel team known as Team Thad. And Bojan Bogdanovic is back home in Croatia training, and more importantly chatting with assistant coach Chris Fleming.

But where's Brook Lopez?

Since the big fella has no social media accounts, it's hard to track what he's up to these days. But FINALLY we know what he's up to and it involves Tron Lightcycles... at Disneyland... in Shanghai. Because, where else would Brook Lopez be?

Here's a video of the ride...

Disney opened the $5.5 billion theme park and hotel complex in Shanghai on Thursday. As for Brook Lopez, it comes as absolutely no surprise that he's there helping unveil the place and ride (?) Tron Lightcycles over and over again.

Maybe he'll buy a house there, too!