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What's next for Anthony Bennett?

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The most intriguing free agent invited to either Nets free agent camp (as far as we know) is Anthony Bennett, the overall No. 1 pick in the 2013 NBA Draft who has been dumped by three teams in three years.  Bennett and his agent, Jeff Schwartz, apparently chose the Nets as their first stop on his rehab tour, but now he's talking to other teams.

So, it will be a while before he --and the teams he works out for-- make a decision on where he will wind up this summer and under what circumstances ... a summer league invite, a vets minimum deal, a multi-year deal with options?

Bennett did well during his two days working out for the Nets last week and reportedly did well this week with the Knicks.  How well?  Hard to tell, but his trainer thinks that the 23-year-old Canadian's career is about to turn. SNY's Adam Zagoria asked Andrew Moore, his trainer, this week about how Bennett might fit in with the Knicks,but his answers applied to the Nets or other teams as well.

"He can play multiple spots on the floor. He can take it off the floor, he can shoot mid-range, he can make threes. So I think he's well rounded enough," said Moore,director of player development at Impact Las Vegas."  He can play pick-and-roll, he can roll hard, he can finish above the rim. He can catch and finish and score. He can pop and shoot threes. Any system would be great for him."

Of course, Moore as his trainer would have positive things to say about Bennett, who's seen as the prototypical draft bust, but his point about the 6'8" power forward's versatility would be important to the Nets ... and Bennett.  Brooklyn already has two power forwards, 27-year-old starter Thaddeus Young and 21-year-old Chris McCullough. How would Bennett fit?  And would he want to join a team where he would be third-string behind two young PF's?

Moore also spoke of the mental aspect of Bennett being called a draft bust.

"It's a mental challenge for him," said Moore, who worked with Bennett for six weeks during March and April in Vegas, where Bennett attended both Findlay Prep and UNLV.

"When he was here late March/early April he got in tremendous shape, worked really hard, coming off the Raptors where he didn't play a lot. He wasn't in great shape, but he got in great shape working out twice a day, lifting weights and doing everything that he needed to do."