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Here are the Nets Christmas Day jerseys...if, that is, they play on Christmas Day

Uni Watch

The Brooklyn Nets did not play last year on Christmas Day, which, well, made a lot of sense, as the NBA looks to put its premier teams on the nationally-televised schedule. That said, we still don't know whether or not they'll play this Christmas, though it doesn't seem likely. Still, Adidas has put together mock-ups of Christmas Day jerseys for all NBA teams.

Here is what the Nets jerseys will look like should they play on Christmas Day:

christmas day jersey

Pretty neat and...pretty familiar!

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch explains the sense of deja vu:

Fans tuning in to the NBA's Christmas Day games this winter may find themselves experiencing a sense of déjà vu.

That's because the NBA's 2016 Christmas Day uniforms are extremely similar to last year's Christmas designs. The 2016 Christmas set won't be officially unveiled until later this year, but the designs are shown in an Adidas catalog that was provided to by an industry source. The designs utilize the same template as the 2015 Christmas uniforms -- including the same chest scripts based on vintage holiday card typography, the same number font, and the same wax seal graphic on the rear collar -- but with a greater emphasis on team colors. This marks the first time Adidas has repeated a design concept for the NBA's Christmas attire, following four straight seasons of distinct designs.

Next season, Nike will take over the NBA's jersey contract, so I assume we'll see a much different design. That is, if the Nets get to play on Christmas Day.

Or, if they do play, maybe they should wear the Swamp Dragon jerseys. That would be pretty brilliant.