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The Biebs don't need no shooting practice

We're way beyond pointing out how many celebrities wear Nets gear. It was a thing back in 2012-13 when the Nets moved from Newark to Brooklyn and made black-and-white Brooklyn cool. That was so Brooklyn's Backcourt (tm) ago.

But, really how can we ignore this? Justin Bieber posted a video Thursday of a shootaround on the Barclays Center sidecourt sometime in the last few days. He's playing the big Brooklyn stage this week.

The Biebs and promoter Scooter Braun somehow (Hello, Brett!) got their hands on customized Nets jerseys and the Canadian singer showed off his range, hitting from all the downtown neighborhoods. The one-time MVP of the All-Star Weekend celebrity game can shoot and has a bit of a handle. As his Instagram post noted, he's a bit insecure about his form, (Maybe David Nurse, the Nets shooting coach last year could help him with it.)

The first reaction came from social media -friendly Sean Kilpatrick who immediately claimed ownership.

Sean may not have noticed that Bieber had his name, not "Kilpatrick," on his jersey. Oh well. Can't criticize him for trying to extend the Skilpatrick brand. The Nets themselves had perhaps the best reaction.

We don't mind the Biebs. This is not the first time he has rocked Nets gear and his Instagram account has 67 MILLION followers. And although Canadian, he isn't some annoying Raptor fan ("We the Cold"). Finally, if you don't like it, all we can say is...