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Andrea Bargnani - Nets promised me more minutes

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, international signings don't work out so well.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, Andrea Bargnani said he asked for a buyout from the Nets because he didn't get the minutes he had been promised.   He did not say who promised him the minutes ... or how many.  Buying out the Itlalian seven-footer was Sean Marks first move after taking over as GM in February.

Translated, Bargnani's post reads...

"I chose to leave the Nets and a guaranteed contract because the conditions under which they had convinced me to sign were otherwise and being used with such limited playing time, it made no sense to continue to remain in that situation for me or for the team."

Bargnani averaged 13.8 minutes per game for the Nets in 46 games before the February 20 buyout.  Under terms of the buyout, the Nets agreed to pay him $323,000 on next year's player option of $1.4 million. The Nets did try to trade Bargnani for a second rounder at the trade deadline, but that effort was met with "disdain," Fred Kerber reported at the time.

The 10 year NBA veteran also hinted that he would not be returning to the NBA next season.