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NetsDaily Gallery: a look at the players rooftop lounge at HSS Training Center

The same day that the Nets introduced Kenny Atkinson to the media, we got a chance to take a look upstairs at the HSS Training Center.  Work had just been completed on the rooftop lounge, the ninth floor add-on to the player lounge just off the main practice courts. The bar still had to be stocked, flat screens added and a few logos placed here and there, but it --and the training center-- are now open for business.

First, a quick walk from the stairway up to the roof to the 3,000-square-foot space.  As Tony Brasile, the Nets operations director notes, there's "a full sound system, capabilities for TV, a projector, full bar"... and a view

Here's a panoramic view as well from the Nets Twitter feed...

There's plenty of seating for players ... as well as free agents ... around the rim of the space, but on windy days, the Nets may have to tie down the cushions.

At the edges, it's all natural wood and greenery...

It's not just about players relaxing in the spring and summer. Architects left plenty of space for team receptions, Expect them to be held at night, when the view is even more dramatic ... or so we are told.

The plan ... the hope ... is that the training facility, which Kenny Atkinson calls "a sight to behold, the most beautiful facility in the league, will help eventually lure enough players to add to the trophies in the lobby...

If so, the $50 million investment will be well worth it.