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Are the Nets sending a message about Draft Night?

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of data points --nothing much-- seem to suggest that the Nets are thinking of moving into the first round.

The first: The Nets have a huge contingent at the Pre-Draft Combine in Chicago, more than a dozen apparently. So many in fact that other teams have noticed. Seems serious. Why so many for a team that has one pick, at No. 55, and only enough money to buy two or three other second round picks?

The second, from Adam Zagoria, who covers college and high school basketball in New Jersey, flows from that.

Indeed, the 6'6" St. Joseph's swingman is seen as a late first rounder, maybe a high second rounder.  Chad Ford and Kevin Pelton of ESPN have him at No. 24. Jon Givony of Draft Express have him at No. 29 and Aran Smith of has him at No. 33, where the Nets would have picked if it wasn't for their 2010 swap with the Clippers.

Sean Marks has said he’d try to be "strategic" in getting into the first round and suggested if the Nets brain trust likes someone high up, they'd try to get into the first round.  Now, it seems they are preparing for just that scenario.

Hoping to see what else the organization is doing in Chicago.