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Boomer and Carton: Nets become the model as Knicks founder

Boomer and Carton --and Boomer's golfing buddies-- have had enough of Phil Jackson's tweets from Woodstock and Somewhere, Montana. Show some effort in the coaching search, says Boomer of Jax, as Carton nods.

In fact, the two agree, it's the Nets, not the Knicks, who are doing things right this summer, suggesting the hiring of Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson --plus the opening of the HSS Training Center-- haven't gotten them a lot of "splashy" tabloid headlines, but it's all moved them forward.

"I've felt this way the last four or five weeks. The Nets seem to be doing it the right way. They've hired some very serious people and the coach," says Boomer, adding. "They're not splashy names."

Carton agrees, begrudgingly. "They've made two really good hires. They're not going to be good for a couple of years but they've made a couple of good hires."

The Nets, Boomer says, learned their lesson.

"You know the Nets went down that road, with the big names, the splashy guys and the big contracts and it got them some legitimacy when they opened the building but then they quickly (!) realized, 'Wait a minute, I got guys showing up late. I got coaches not holding guys accountable. Something has to be done around here. We got to change the way we're doing things and we're doing things' ... Especially with them opening that beautiful facility over there."

It's an argument that will last all summer long. But right now, it does seem that Boomer and Carton have it just about right.

Meanwhile, a voice from the other side of the world offers advice to a fellow Kiwi on "how to keep his no-good terrible job" coming off "Billy King’s maniacal reign of terror, where he traded away every draft pick from now until eternity."