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Pass or play? 25-year-old Willie Reed

It's that time of year: when front offices look over their rosters and ask, should we keep him or move on. Anthony Parisi is looking at the Nets players who may or may not be back: Pass or Play.

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

After stints overseas and in the D-league, Willie Reed finally got his chance to play on an NBA roster last season. To Reed, it was a chance to prove that he belonged and although the playing time was minimal, Reed had a positive impact most of the time when he was on the court.

Per 100 possessions, Reed averaged 21.5 points, 14.4 rebounds and 3.5 blocks per game. The stats look good for Reed, but once Lionel Hollins was let go, things changed and not for the better.

After picking up a bunch of DNP's, Reed let his displeasure be known on social media. Reed thanked his old coach Hollins while taking a subtle shot at his interim coach Tony Brown.

Reed deleted the post, but it was on Instagram long enough for the word to spread. Things went downhill for Reed after making that post and on April 6th, Reed left the team due to "personal reasons."  Those reasons were never explained.

The Nets have until June 30th to make Reed a restricted free agent.  Brooklyn must offer Reed $1,215,696. Leaving the team for personal reasons would obviously imply that Reed likely isn't going to be back in Brooklyn, but Reed has filled his social media with images of him in Nets gear.

Reed wasn't happy with coach Tony Brown, but Brown is gone now and with new coach Kenny Atkinson in town maybe Reed and the Nets want to give it another chance? Again, this is all speculation and if Reed can't find an NBA deal it's likely that he'll play overseas.

In an interview with Brown and Scoop Monday, Reed talked about his journey to make it to the NBA, his time with the Nets this season and his current situation. Reed had nothing but positive things to say about the Nets and he basically let it be known that he wants to come back, but it's not up to him.

"Brooklyn is a great place. I think they have something special going forward," Reed told Brown and Scoop. "I would love to be in Brooklyn, but that's up to them."

Reed admitted that it was tough seeing Hollins go, a man who he said he has the utmost respect for, but he understood that the Nets wanted to go in a different direction. Reed did say he has met new GM Sean Marks and Assistant GM Trajan Langdon and got to sit down with them.

"I talked with Trajan in Orlando just so we got to know each other a little," Reed told NetsDaily. "Same with Sean Marks except that one was in his Brooklyn office."

Free agency starts on July 1st and Reed will find out shortly after that date whether or not he will be a member of the Brooklyn Nets next season.